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  1. G6 Brake Lights Possessed

    For years Pontiac G6 owners have said their brake lights are possessed. As it turns out, they may be on to something.

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  1. The problem:

    GM is ambiguously saying there is a "brake fluid issue" that could cause braking problems. Thanks, guys. The only information they're providing beyond that is this recall originally started as a "customer satisfaction program" in 2012. Apparently customers weren't satisfied.

    The recalled models: About 2,000 model year 2009-2010 Chevrolet Aveo and 2009 Pontiac G3.

    Next steps: GM doesn't know when the recall will begin. If you're wondering how long to expect, think of GM like a deli counter where you just pulled number 29,002,000. In other words, you'll unfortunately be waiting a while.

    But Wait, There's More...

    To make matters worse -- and yes, it can get worse -- GM's website is doing a horrible job at informing owners if their car needs repairs. Logic would state that you could use your vehicle's unique identification number (VIN) to find out if your car has been recalled. But logic has no place in GM's world, according to NHTSA who says that "anyone who used GM's website to check if their car had been recalled needs to check again".

    Turns out GM's website wasn't working before. Which is appropriate, because neither are their cars. Frustrated yet? Give Chevy a ring at 800-222-1020 or Pontiac at 800-762-2737.

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  2. Back

    in June, 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation into the possessed brakes of the Pontiac G6. Basically, the brake lights would come on when they shouldn't and not work when they should. It was a mess -- not to mention pretty darn confusing to anyone following one of these cars down the road.

    NHTSA concluded that "increased resistance in the body control module connection was resulting in voltage fluctuations in the brake apply sensor circuit". Bottom line, the wiring was fubar and the problem was much wider-reaching than just the brake lights of the Pontiac G6. In fact, the cruise control, traction control, electronic stability control and basically any other kind of control could be messed up in millions of GM vehicles.

    Thankfully, GM is bringing in 2.4 million vehicles to address the faulty wiring harness. Maybe it has something to do with safety being at the heart of what they do now, but I'm guessing they're just [tired of being sued][20]. Either way, the recalled vehicles include:

    There is no schedule for when the recall will begin, but concerned owners can contact Chevy at 800-222-1020, Pontiac at 800-762-2737, or Saturn at 800-553-6000. GM's number for this recall is 13036. In the meantime, maybe you should brush up on your hand signals?

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